Real Estate



Mark has been in the Real Estate business for over 18 years (in itself a reference) and listed here are but a few personal references:

“Mark, we have worked with half a dozen realtors in the past, and no one comes close to providing your level of commitment. You genuinely put our concerns first and foremost, your service was ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty, and you brought a cheerful and warm personality to the often stressful and chaotic world of real estate.” – K. & C. Henderson

“I have bought and sold several houses and know that the care and attention you put into selling this difficult listing was superb. I found your professional integrity to be outstanding Mark” – S. Whitmore

“Mark, I have used you as an example in many of my sales meetings in pointing out to our sales people some of the things which impressed me as a ‘customer’ – accessibility, information, ethics, and a feeling of concern for my our best interests.” – R. & T. Niblock

“Nobody could know the market in our neighbourhood better. But it was your patience, good humour and candour that kept us going in the face of disappointment. We can remember you saying, numerous times during our search, something along the lines of “this is overpriced”, or “we can do better”, or “with renovations you’ll have too much invested in this property.” There was never any presure, or suggestion from you that we should consider compromising our list of requirements.” – K. Cochrane & S. Gagne

“Thank you also for being my realtor for all these sales of houses. You are so meticulous and ethical, and I have enjoyed working with you so much, Mark.”
– E. Brown

“An old house sold and a new one to look forward to. Many thanks for an excellent job and a very, very professional approach in every aspect of the transaction.” – B. Reid

“The level of service and professionalism you provided us, not only met our expectations, but in every area, far exceeded them.” – C. & J. Hannah

“I feel this will prove to be a positive and secure investment for our future, due in no small part to your focus and integrity in dealing with and for us.” – M. & D. Harlow

“Thanks for your enthusiasm, energy, and genuine concern in our pursuit of a new home, and for the impressive efficiency in selling our former home. Our decision to associate with you was clearly a good one.” – B. & N. Turner

“Mark impressed us as a true professional and expert in his field. Courteous, punctual, fair-minded, and energetic come to mind with Mark, and “Principled Commitment” is a deserving mantra.” – R. & D. Dempsey

“Mark is a professional in every sense. He demonstrates commitment to integrity, excellence, self motivation, detail, knowledge and interpersonal business relationships.” – J. & M. Bryden

“I found Mark a pleasure to deal with, and certainly appreciated the professionalism displayed during the transactions. I will highly recommend Mark to anyone requiring the services of a ‘first class’ realtor.” – J. Waterhouse

“Mark, we are writing to thank you for your tireless efforts, enthusiasm, and determination with which you helped us achieve our goals. We are sure that your natural ability to balance professionalism with a warm and caring manner plays a major part in your established success.” – C. & L. Rowley

“You showed professionalism and integrity at every step in the process of listing our previous home to closing the purchase of our new home. It has been a pleasure working with you. Without hesitation we say you are ‘our realtor’ and enthusiastically recommend you to our friends.” – C. & J. Fawcett